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Insect Surfers were originally formed in the summer of ’79 in Washington, D.C., after guitarist David Arnson envisioned a new Surf Band for the modern era that combined elements of psychedelic rock, 60s instrumentals, and punk rock energy. Touring the U.S. extensively, they released several independent LPs and singles that placed as high as #25 on the national college radio charts, and solidified them as one of the most unique bands of the late 70s/early 80s East Coast scene. It wasn’t unusual to see Insect Surfers play on the same stages as Iggy Pop, The Stranglers, Psychedelic Furs, Joan Jett, Echo and the Bunnymen, Revillos, etc.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1985, founding member David Arnson regrouped the band with guitarist/sax player Dan “Dano” Sullivan and debuted at KXLU’s “Surf Day” in June 1986. Insect Surfers went on to be featured on bills with such artists as Chris Isaak, B-52’s, Jonathan Richman, Pylon, The Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Surfaris, and many more.

In 2012, a new chapter in the progression and evolution of the band was opened with the addition of guitarist extraordinaire Michael Abraham, known internationally for his work with jazz violinist Mads Tolling, Donovan, and the touring productions of Wicked and American Idiot. With bassist Jonpaul Balak, who had become a key member of the band since 2007, holding strong, and the return of Death Valley Coastline-era drummer Jeff Utterback, the group experienced a revitalization that propelled them well into the future with the new album Infra Green, and their first European tour with headlining shows across Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

2017 marked another important new chapter in the Insect Surfers life, seeing the addition of new drummer Chris Roberts, the recording and release of the new full length album Datura Moon, and a corresponding second European headlining tour, beginning with another appearance at the world’s number one Surf music event, The Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Livorno, Italy.

Throughout the years, the band has released 5 critically acclaimed CDs on the Marlin Records label: Reverb Sun (1991), Death Valley Coastline (1996), Mojave Reef (2003), Infra Green (2013), and Datura Moon (2017), as well as appearing on over 25 important compilation releases and numerous movie, television and DVD soundtracks.

Far from being a nostalgia act, Insect Surfers play guitar-fueled instrumental rock for tomorrow – today! The 50’s and 60’s stylings of such artists as Link Wray and Dick Dale are filtered through psychedelia, punk rock and soundtrack themes to produce a unique, invigorating and danceable blend. “Jetstream propulsion, dual lead twang”, “The Clash meets the Ventures”, “Psychedelic Rangers”, “Traditional yet progressive”, are all taken from reviewers’ descriptions.

So…Submerge, hang twelve, and immerse yourself in the surfadelic sounds of Insect Surfers.

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