The band started in 2010 as a consequence of the proposal made by the theater Troula Animación (Vigo/Spain) to Los Cadáveras (members of bands such as Los Villanos de Boraville, Thee Tumbitas) consisting of being responsible for the musical part of one of their theater plays called “Calaveras y Diablitos”.

Then Pedro Berbell (bass), Santiago “Pistolas” Paredes (rhythm guitar and percussion) and Javi GDJazz (trumpet) joined the project to complete the lineup of the instrumental band “Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadáveras” influenced by The Ventures, The Shadows, Link Wray, Phantom Surfers, Satan’s Pilgrims and great composers like Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota.

In December 2010 they recorded their first album “El Cuerno del Chivo” (Green Cookie Records) in Muu! Studios (Vigo/Spain) produced by Pedro Feijoo.

The video clip for their first single “Desenfunda Forastero” was recorded by Producciones Mutantes and can be viewed at YouTube.

Current line-up of the band: Israel “Indy” Ruiz (Lead Guitar) | Manuel Santos (Drums) | Santiago “Pistolas” Paredes (Rythm guitar and percussion) | Javi GDJazz (Trumpet) | Alex Lagos (Bass)

God save guns, surfing and Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadáveras!!

Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadáveras tour dates

Pedrito Diablo y Los Cadáveras – Mogambo

Pedrito Diablo y los Cadáveras – Desenfunda Forastero

Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadaveras (2010-2015)