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DISTORTION TAMERS “Junglehead Stories” CD

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  OUT @ 19 September 2011 !!!

DISTORTION TAMERS “Junglehead Stories” CD

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“Junglehead Stories” CD | GC027 | 2011 | one-sheet | one-sheet (greek) | reviews

[1]. New Sunrise [2]. Sunday of the Dead [3]. Bad Dog [4]. Give Me Soul [5]. Better Move On * (Arthur Alexander)  [6]. Swell  [7]. Down in the Hole [8]. Motorcity Surf  [9]. Rage [10]. Hey Bro


Distortion Tamers is a R’N’R trio from Athens/Greece which plays pure, primitive and explosive music based on the primary feelings and the joy of R’N’R. Rock, garage, surf, psychobilly and punk flavors mixed with their “live on stage attitude” create their own style of sound, expressing THEIR nowadays version of rock and roll.

They were formed at the end of 2009, played their debut gig on May 2010 (opening for the underground Greek band The Last Drive) getting excellent reviews from the Greek press.

Distortion Tamers’ line-up is:

Kostis Anagnostopoulos (Kosta.A-Monk) ― Guitar/Vocals.

The basic composer of the band with two decades of experience on his back with bands from both local bands and in other places in Europe (Germany), had already have a considerable huge amount of experience on the R’N’R subject. He also composed the music for the film ‘MEDUSA’ (science fiction award in Houston Texas USA film festival) and participated in the making of several recordings and live performances.

Christophoros Triantaphillopoulos (Silver) ― Drums.

With more than 20 years of service as the drummer of Greek neo-psychedelic pioneers Purple Overdose and No Man’s Land he also had the pleasure to contribute in the making of 12 records.

Stelios Voumvakis (Pep) ― Bass.

The 22-year-old potentially talented bass player (the fresh blood in the Tamers line up)!

As you’re reading this Distortion Tamers have just finished recording their debut album “Junglehead Stories” which will be released by Green Cookie records.

In their plans is to continue creating R’N’R records and play R’N’R gigs!


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September 13th, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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