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“Paisley Beach” (10″)

Los Venturas Paisley Beach Release Party banner Green Cookie records 2013

LOS VENTURAS: “Paisley Beach” (10″)

A shiny 10” golden vinyl covering 7 tracks that’ll guide you on a surfing trip throughout the world! On the A-side, or ‘West-Side’ you’ll find Californian and European styled beach instrumental originals as “What about Uranus”, “Beach Bunny” and “Surfers Mood” next to a skanking interpretation of an old classic “Mr Rebel”. On the B-side or ‘East-Side’ you’ll be surfing the Gulfstream and Indian shorelines with “On a Market in Beirut”, “Caravan” and “Mathar”. It’s wet, it’s hot, it’s fun, it’s paradise! Welcome to Paisley Beach!!! Be quick and order one of the limited 300 copies to enjoy this trip......

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