Hoodoo Garage (CD) – Bob Urh & The Bare Bones

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“Another name that springs to mind is Howe Gelb. Had he spent his childhood in a basement instead of a barn he’d probably sound just like Bob Urh. Or if Lux Interior had spent his formative years in the streets instead of home watching cartoons The Cramps might sound just like The Bare Bones (…) Somebody should send a copy of this to Jon Spencer. And Jack White too (…)”. EMDS Rockzine

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“If the ghosts of Brian Jones and John Lee Hooker got together in their little corner of hell with a fifth of mash whiskey this is what it would sound like. Everything that exile on main street should have been. Raw, Shambolic juju-blues that rates with Sioux city pete in the psychodrama department.” Jeff Dahl, Carbon 14 magazine (USA)

“It’s not easy to describe his style, it’s some kind of weird mix between garage punk, americana with some Velvet Underground, psychobilly, Johnny Thunders, psych spices – psychotic semi-acoustic desert music (…) The world of Bob Urh is very strange – something between imagination, dreams and reality (…) If you can imagine Roky Erickson join Giant Sand with lot of booze and other means, you will know what I’m talking about”. No Brains zine (The Nederlands)

“This band plays stripped down, raw and crude blues punk (for a lack of a better term) with a garage vibe that calls both mid sixties electric blues and more post psych stuff.” The Trouble With Norma magazine (USA)

Bob Urh "Hoodoo Garage" promo photo CD Green Cookie records 2005

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