Kaleydoskop (LP/digital) – Los Venturas





Los Venturas have to offer a warm, varied, powerful and danceable instrumental live set, with one single purpose at heart: throwing a decent party and set the scene for one hell of a night. Based on the Californian 60ies surf sound, they create a unique but accessible blend, fusing an array of different styles such as euro-instro, rock, funk soul, raï and gipsy. For over 14 years they have been touring all over Europe and even in California, where they recorded their latest albums ‘Kaleydoskop’ (LP -2011), ‘Paisley Beach’ (10” – 2013) and ‘Miles High’ (LP – 2016). Driven by positive vibes they bring their Euro-instro with a wink and a smile, providing just the right spark to set the night on fire.

The Los Venturas are: Andy Wellens (bass guitar), Christof Cleynhens (organ), Christof Boost (guitar), Michael Schots (guitar), Pieter Dedoncker (drums & percussion).

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12" Vinyl edition of 500 copies, digital file


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