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WADADLI RIDERS: Reviews for “Made in Antigua” LP

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“This should be well-received by surf fanatics around the world; all the essential ingredients are here – lotsa reverb, clever tunes, tight arrangements and solid playing throughout. Good job!”
Paul Johnson – Belairs, Surfaris (

“Made in Antigua truly rocks! The songs are unique and original and masterfully played by a band that really understands surf music. I recommend this album!”
Danny Amis aka Daddy-O Grande (

“I’ve listened to the new CD several times. Nice job and something all of you can be proud of. I like “Kawaramachi” and, even more, “Hurricane Season”. Anybody who loves drippy, reverbed guitar will enjoy the album.”
John Blair – Jon & The Nightriders, Eliminators

“What can I say abou the new CD from the Wadadli Riders? They may be from the Caribbean but their style of surf music is like taking off on a glassy ten foot wave at the Huntington Beach Pier. Each song is like screaming across the face of a mammoth wave locked in the curl. You can feel the spray in your face listening to this CD. If you want instrumental surf, this is the real deal.”
Tim Ferrill – Eliminators’ management

“Made In Antigua is a splendid release from Wadadli Riders, the only surfband in Antigua. There are a number of really superb tracks here. The sound is very traditional, but the melodies are influenced by the locale. Wonderful.”
Phil Dirt – (check out the review track by track)

“I’ve been listening to this CD all week, and enjoy it more on each spin. It is like an early 1960’s release with great playing, and great sound! Lorenzo and Niki pay tribute to a lot of great players on this record while making it sound totally fresh. Highly recommended.”
Rev Hank – Urban Surf Kings

“(…) The first title Dwell At 10 is a big clue, and the reverb control must indeed have been set to max as this is a great surf blast with a melody to match. With its cascading runs and tremoloed chords it harks back to the best of the vintage surf classics and is the album’s ‘hit single’. With similar ingredients JBL D-130F does come close, but the rest of the tracks were never going to match it. However, they all have plenty of that great guitar sound and are well up to standard album fare. The Killer Wave and Hurricane Season bubble away neatly, Calm Before A Storm has a mellow start before launching into a blizzard of double-picking and there’s a gently surf ballad to close with in Going My Wave.”
Alan Taylor – Pipeline Instrumental Review N. 81

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BOB URH & THE BARE BONES: Reviews for the “Swamp O Delic” cd

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Senor Urh is best known for his stints as the leading light of raucous garage rebels such as Ultra 5 and Zero Child, New York heathen rocker types who managed to bridge the worlds of camp and the Cramps with the Detroit-dirge of the Stooges. This outing finds him personal and lo-fi, using basement tape possibilities to explore Jeffrey Lee Pierce landscapes of mutant blues punk, esoteric ramblings, and haunted hootenannies. “Iron City Blues” is a crunchy, layered cocoon of mystic words about suns, moons, and industrial landscapes set to churning guitar, restrained earthy vocals, rattling shakers, and interwoven solos. “Ramblin Man” comes on slow and poetic, like a noir nightscape at first, with a tambourine setting the minimal Velvet Underground pace, though eventually a free jazz slide guitar seems to stir at the end. The acoustic art shroud of “Black Black Widow” is humid and gothic – imagine Nick Cave on Quaaludes recounting the folklore of spiders on a ratty porch in Mississippi. Some 1960’s garage rock underlines “Zombi-fied,” revealing Urh’s taste for the 13th Floor Elevators and Link Wray, mixed with an equal love for mondo horror movies. “There She Is” sounds like a spare, kitchen sink love poem stolen from the mid-1960’s Rolling Stones, before psychedelia sideswiped them. Other standouts include the bareboned “Boom Boom A Zoom Zoom,” with its lingering swampiness and lurid New Orleans swaying, and the stream-of-consciousness “No Matter What,” which reveals that his “heart’s cut out.” Then he offers the slow, meandering “I’m Sick,” which strips down into casual carnality (“I’m sick, how about you?”). Though this all might be a different musical face than the Au Go Go punk of the Ultra 5 and the New York dirty boulevard voodoo of Zero Child, the album is naked, candid, and raw – both vulnerable and quietly volatile.

Left Of The Dial Online music magazine (19/11/2008)


Psycho garage is what he calls his music himself, but I rather have the feeling the devil took possession of him. I refer to Jeffrey Lee Pierce, or Robert Johnson, and the connoisseur needn’t know more”.

reviewed by Ewie for FileUnder (Netherlands) (translated excerpt) (23/02/2008)”.


“That Bob Urh & The Bare Bones manage to make such a leap forwards, without wandering off too far from what they already achieved with Hoodoo Garage, is slightly fantastic”.

reviewed by Jurgen Dignef for Goddeau (Netherlands) (translated excerpt) (18/02/2008).


“It’ll be clear why the band is named Bare Bones, since each track has been stripped down to the bone, which leads to a fascinating result”.

reviewed by Joost Jan Meertens for Planet Trash (Netherlands) (translated excerpt) (22/01/2008).


“Projet personnel et manifestement pourvus d’amour, avec “Swamp O Delic”, on lorgne manifestement vers de la folk rock tout en trempant dans une ambiance bluesy. Enfin, “Swamp O Delic” entretient un climat de bonne ambiance avec quelques titres dont les mélodies se gravent à jamais dans nos esprits, je veux parler de “Iron City BluesH, le très lugubre “The heart” et sa belle ligne mélodique sur le refrain ou encore les plus chargés en émotions “No Matter What” et le sulfureux “Black Black Widow” qui à lui seul résume le style de Bob Urch ! Le combo adresse bien sûr quelques clins d’oeil à d’autres tyles comme la pop ou le cajun, styles qui évoluent sur un axe minimaliste et qui apportent cette fraîcheur à tous les titres. Alors si “Swamp O delic” ne connaîtra pas les foudres des grands alnums studio du genre, il est certains que les fans trouverons dans ces 15 titres, suffisament d’émotions pour porter ce disque à un haut niveau”.

Underground Society webzine (France)


“Raw as hell, the garage blues, country twang of Bob Uhr and the Bare Bones are primitive and visceral, sounding far better when turned up really fucking loud. On his latest album “Swamp O Delic”, bob roars through 15 distorted stompers and howling laments including the cramps-like “Zombie-fied” and a heart of darkness cover of “Rambling Man”. One for those almost empty bottle moments, a glorious reminder of the spirit of rock and roll”.

Terrascope magazine. (UK)


“If Hazel Adkins was alive, Swamp-O-Delic is one cd he would be proud of. I sure am”.

jimi imij. Ohio Hystorical Musick Society web site! (USA)


“United States’ garage-punk-blues icon Bob Urh (ex The Ultra 5) outstanding new album. Something between Robert Johnson, Velvet Underground, Johnny Thunders and the Rolling Stones’ “Exile On Main Street. Add to that mix some voodoo vibe and you get the picture. One of the finest records to come out lately from an underground hero”.

No Fun records (USA)


“Album davvero particolare di un tipo particolare, Bob Urh, americano alle prese con una chitarra e poco altro, pubblicato da un’etichetta greca, questo è il bello (troppo è il brutto) della globalizzazione. Musica malinconica, maledetta, un deserto che beve whisky mentre uno scorpione ascolta i White Stripes, aspettando l’anima del coyote. Mr. Urh definisce swap – o – delic il suo suono, e non gli si può dare torto. Tutto è distorto in nuce, e la chitarra diventa voce e la voce strumento. Bob Urh è solo, ma tanti spiriti girano vicino a lui, e cantano con lui. è un cd molto particolare, è blues malato, a volte le canzoni si perdono nell’aria e sembra di vedere un uomo con la sua chitarra, perso nel rito voodoo di un altro tramonto da conquistare”.

reviewed by Massi for In Your Eye e-zine (Italy) (20/09/2008).


“Bob Urh is een bluesman uit Cleveland, Ohio met een verleden in arty punkbands Ragged Bags, Ultra 5, Zero Child en Lone Wolves. Teveel speed, een verhuis via Kent naar New York en het aanschouwen van Richard Hell die poëzie voordroeg, deden Bob opschuiven richting blues en country. Bob Urh & The Bare Bones is een wisselend collectief, met als enige constante Bob Urh zelf. Meestal een éénmansband maar als de nood er is met zoveel medestanders als nodig, schuimt Bob de wereld af. Op ‘Swamp O Delic’ staan dertien eigen nummers en twee covers van Hank Williams, samen goed voor rustig voortkabbelende liedjes die het goed zullen doen op een klein podium in een kleine kroeg maar via de stereo of koptelefoon toch wat mankementen vertonen. Geen van de nummers imponeert, de plaat blijft hardnekkig op de achtergrond. Van een man met zoveel ervaring hadden we toch iets meer urgentie verwacht. Misschien is de plaat die eerstdaags uitkomt op Basement Blues records van Zero Child interessanter”.

reviewed by Patrick Bruneel for Gonzo Circus magazine (Belgium)


“Blue-eyed boy Mr .Bob Urh the boss of Ultra 5 / Zero Child & alternative bands based not far away Dowtown still emerge to Garage underground with new Cd.  THE Bones walk & grow  with   voodoo experiences … this album must be the border between The early  obscur V.U. trend & electric-acoustic Chicago music ‘spirit. A real bargain to dig the essential roots of the big Apple, to-day! .”

reviewed by Patryck Soubielle for Garage Band Revisited magazine (France) (2008).


“USA, California, lugar de donde Bob y compañía llegan con un cd que rescata, como el mismo dice, las raíces del rock de los 60´s mezclado con el psychobilly, aunque en lo personal para caer en las etiquetas le llamaría “psycho-blues” , música tranquila para escuchar y viajar entre sus letras llenas de locura, asesinatos, huesos y decadencia moral, esta placa contiene 15 temas grabados en vivo y algunos otros solamente con una consola de kct, dándole aun mas ese ambiente de antigüedad y sonido claro sin perder detalle de lo que hace este recomendado ¿cantautor?.”

Beneficio Interno blog (Spain)


Rauwer dan rauw, primitiever dan promitief

The Bare Bones staan wel op het hoesje, maar ze doen niet mee. Omdat het solo nog minimalistischer en rammelender kan voor Bob Urh, de man die zijn muzikale verkenningen begint waar The Castanets en Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy afhaken. Werkelijk geen noot wordt recht gespeeld op Swamp O Delic. En al die schots en scheve muziek wordt dan ook nog eens afgedekt onder een dikke laag ruis.

Maar luister er vooral vaak naar, want dan blijkt wat eerst lachwekkend amateuristisch leek, van een ongekende desolate schoonheid te zijn.

Bob Urh heeft de blues als geen ander en de volkomen ontredderde staat van zijn ziel kan alleen worden gevangen in volkomen ontredderde muziek. Urh kan ‘There She Is’ and ‘Ramblin’ Man’ niet beter spelen en zingen, omdat hij te veel verteerd wordt door zielenpijn. In ‘Dark Punk Maya’ en ‘The Bones Walk’ is het dan weer alsof het lijk van Lux Interior uit zijn graf is herrezen om nog een paar vuige stukken voodooblues te spelen, voor zover als zijn reeds rottende vingers het toelaten.

Toegegeven: toegankelijk is anders. Maar wie zijn muziek graag zo rauw en primitief mogelijk geserveerd krijgt, kan niet om Swamp O Delic heen.

reviewed by Martijn ter Haar for KindaMusic (Netherlands) (21/2/2009)





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SPEEDBALL JR: Reviews for the “For the Broad Minded” cd

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Speedball Jr. play with unending intensity and volume. They are louder and harsher than Dick Dale these days. This is not your father’s surf. For The Broad Minded is a complete energy drain. You may not be able to take it all the way through in one sitting. Aggressive, intense, and way over the top! the final track on the disc is a Christmas vocal called “Rudolph’s Secret.”

Picks: U69, Inferno, Orient Express, Laguna Beach, Scalped, What A Way To Run A Railroad, Suddenly Billy, El Camino, Caramba!, Pipeline, Le Chat Noir

U69 *** Dark and heavy, “U69” verges on ugly, while being compelling. Very rock-toned and surf based, it suggests the nineties-onward side of Dick Dale’s career in its aggression and flying glissandos. Quite powerful.

Inferno **** “Inferno” portrays dark skies ready to destroy you, but you just have to get that one last shortboard shredder in. Very powerful and aggressive.

Orient Express **** Once more, there’s no let up in tension or anguish as Speedball Jr. hints slightly at Vic Goddard’s “Don’t Split It,” easily his most intense work, where he similarly borrows slightly from “Born To Be Wild” in the break, and buries keys that just hint at their presence. Superbly aggressive and compelling.

Laguna Beach **** Treble Spankers’ rockin’ “Laguna Beach” is made very angular and shred-worthy, as if Dick Dale had written it. The muted lines and the heavy aggression, along with the ambulance references, make this a tuff track to follow.

Scalped **** Dick Dale’s “Scalped” completes the nod to the King. Almost bigger than his, this track is a real power romp. Raw and intense.

What A Way To Run A Railroad ***** The intensity of “What A Way To Run A Railroad” is unmistakable and remarkably nerve wracking. There’s a very high energy bridge that is lower power than the song, leaving you with a false sense of calm by contrast. In your mug and all consuming. It’s hard to imagine, but this is bigger than Huevos Rancheros’ original.

Suddenly Billy ***** Whammy dips and dark assaults on your sanity aggressively charge through the monitors. Not one ounce of rest, and lots of demanding double picked shredding. Super-fast glissandos and hard charging chords complete the image. Yikes!

El Camino **** Even with a title like “El Camino” that is generally associated with more “fun” surf, Speedball Jr. rocks like this is their last song. With all knobs turned to eleven, this powers along without restraint. Great drums!

Caramba! **** If the title is what you exclaim upon enduring the energy assault here, then it’s a perfect title. It’s not the least bit Spanish, but it sure powers its way through the night!

Pipeline **** This is a loud and very chunky monsterization of Brian Carmen and Bob Spickard’s classic. If Johnny Thunders had understood surf, he probably would have done this instead of how he mangled “Pipeline.” Way cool!

Le Chat Noir ***** This uncharacteristically calm and soothing track comes none too soon. I’m worn out by the intensity, and “Le Chat Noir” is a welcome respite. haunting and dark and moody, and even, dare I say it with Speedball Jr., gentle! Really cool!

Phil Dirt – Reverb Central, PO Box 7240, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-7240 USA (Speedball Jr. – For The Broad Minded *****)


Zijn vader komt oorspronkelijk uit Libanon en zijn moeder uit Polen. Uitgerekend hij wordt de grondlegger van surfmuziek. We hebben het uiteraard over Dick Dale (geboren: Richard Anthony Monsour). Dit jaar wordt hij 70 en begin jaren ’60 maakte hij de surfmuziek zeer populair. Daarna werd het een hele tijd stil. Pas tegen het eind van de jaren ’80 begon surfmuziek weer enigszins populair te worden in undergroundkringen. De muziek werd in 1994 in grotere kring populair dankzij Pulp Fiction. Sindsdien zijn er talloze surfbandjes opgestaan, maar over de kwaliteit kan in veel gevallen niet naar huis worden geschreven.

Het ‘probleem’ van surfmuziek is dat het een paar nummers leuk is en weet te boeien, maar dat het genre een erg beperkte reikwijdte heeft. De kunst om een surfalbum te maken dat van het begin tot het eind de aandacht van de luisteraar vasthoudt wordt door weinig groepen verstaan. Het Belgische Speedball Jr is echter zo’n band die de kunst wel verstaat. For The Broad Minded is een zeer gevarieerd surfalbum gemaakt door muzikanten die exact weten wat ze willen. Een plaat om heerlijk op te kunnen feesten of om gewoon heerlijk alleen op te kunnen drinken zonder depressief te raken. (Woensdag 17 januari 2007)


Three years ago, Speedbal Jr recorded Whiplash, their first full album! Now early 2007 they are back with a new album, some personnel changes & of course with a lot of new songs. For the broad minded, the new album by Speedbal Jr is exactly what the title says! Musically the band has evolved over the years. Surely some influences came and went with new personnel and adding an organ to their already rich and full sound did made some difference as well! But one can’t deny their professionalism and the well-produced tunes. When listening to their new album you know there is more to Speedball Jr. then a fancy chick doing some dancing in her undies.

Seven self-penned tunes and five covers fill this high speed, nitrogen-injected album to burst out your speakers with each spin! The surf sound from a couple of years ago is gone more or less and is taken over by a more matured instro-sound. Thinking of Fifty Foot Combo might be not that cool for a band who is working on their own sound, but somehow I can’t deny that For The Broad Minded is picking up where FFC left us some time ago. Despite the fact that they outgrew the original surf sound, the band take on coves like Pipeline by the Chantays or Scalped by Dick Dale. On the other hand For The Broad Minded is not that different at all. Tunes like U69, Inferno or Orient Express surely remind us at Whiplash, while Le Chat Noir is a perfect moment of peace! In an oriental-like tune one is drifting away on the shores of a sandy beach, a martini in your hand and some handsome belly dancers besides you. Top tune on this album is El Camino. The fast rhythm combined with the catchy chorus keeps hanging for a long time, which is rather rare for an instrumental tune. Closely followed is Caramba that opens with some nice jungle drums. Here one can hear even a more dominant role for the organ as well.

Rudolph’s secret is the one oddball in the game. Swami (ex Rat Fink a Boo Boo) who joined the band on drums for six months delivers here an excellent stint by singing the bands Christmas tune once more. Originally done years ago by Axl Peleman on vocals, this tune is once more available thanks to Swami and the rest of the gang.

For the Broadminded was the next logical step for a band like Speedball Jr. and we are glad they took it. Sure the wait was long, but even that is quickly forgotten when spinning the album. As an extra you get old radio advertisements for such forgotten products like Brilcreme, Pepsident or Kent cigarettes! I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it I’m broadminded if you ask me!

Mr Blue Boogie,


Speedball Jr. is seks. En niet alleen op het podium, met de teasende danseres Sleazy Sandra. Ook op de plaat is de Belgische surfband een en al erotiek.

Zo is daar de geile Fenderreverb van gitarist Fré.74, die de voorganger Whiplash ook al zinderend maakte. Door de toevoeging van organiste Nitro Nicky krijgt het geluid op For the Broad Minded een extra broeierige sfeer.

Nu Fifty Foot Combo de surfplank aan de wilgen heeft gehangen, ligt de titel ‘beste surfband uit België’ voor Speedball Jr. voor het oprapen. Toch verdient de band deze titel juist door het uitstekende spel op For the Broad Minded.

Over het algemeen ligt het tempo op hoger dan op de voorganger. Gitarist Fré.74 geselt zijn instrument nog meer en tovert een tsunami aan riffs uit zijn arme versterker waar geen luisteraar tegen bestand is. Iedereen moet om, en aangejakkerd door de brutaal pompende bas en felle drums lukt dat ook vakkundig.

Speedball Jr. heeft een overtreffende trap weten te maken van het hormonengierende geluid van voorganger Whiplash. Laat die tsunamiwaarschuwing maar komen!

Tijs Heesterbeek, (22 February 2007)

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