Surf Rock & Beyond. A Spotify playlist.

Surf Rock & Beyond. A Spotify playlist. A fine selection of our back catalogue. In no way a Best Of. This is not your father’s surf but innovative, constantly evolving surf rock for the 21th century inspired by the traditional ’60s surf rock, incorporating along the way exotica, lounge atmosphere, spy movies soundtracks, spaghetti western, bollywood & middle east melodies. Enjoy! Green Cookie records.

Artists: The Phantom Four ^ The Akulas ^ Les Agamemnonz ^ The Wave Chargers ^ Los Daytonas ^ The Incredible Sucking Spongies ^ Los Javelin ^ Los Venturas ^ El Ray ^ Watang ^ TMGS ^ Goggle-A ^ Insect Surfers ^ The Aqua Barons ^ Lost Acapulco ^ The Dead Rocks ^ Speedball JR