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Copenhagen, Denmark. Not the most likely place for a band to emerge with the obvious surfing pedigree of El Ray. The band show a versatility of sound and an ear for catchy, toe tapping melody which takes them beyond the clichés that can often be associated with the surfing genre. Combining a fresh, modern style with a healthy nod to the past, «surf with a twist», El
Ray have managed to achieve a new, classic sound. El Ray are always ready to invite their audience to ride the wild waves of surf in clubs all over. Better Surf Than Sorry – it’s time to join the party! El Ray was formed in
Current Line-up: El Firetone aka Jesper Grud (Guitar); El Twang aka Lars Sveistrup Hansen (Guitar); El Kid’o aka Rasmus Nybo (Bass); El Fuerte aka Jørgen Dai Jensen (Drums)
Releases: Holiday On Ice (Vinyl – 10″), Heptown Records (2006); Tick…Tick…Tick… (CD), Heptown Records (2004); Shoot From The Hip (CD), Alternate Records (2002); Double A-Side (single), Alternate Records (2002);
First demo-EP (2001) and some compilations during the years: Continental Magazine CD Sampler #10 and #11 (US, 2003/2004); Jesus Christ Surferstar, OmOm Records (Italy, 2003)
Played around 100+ gigs so far. Around 60+ of those gigs played with great success outside Denmark in Germany, Benelux, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. Have played with/opened for bands like: Fifty Foot Combo (B), Nokie Edwards (The Ventures) (US), The Tremolo Beer Gut (DK), Hawaii Samurai (F), Hypnotic IV (US), The Shavers (NL), The Anacondas (NL) etc.

El Ray tour dates

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