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Goggle-A started playing gigs through Japan in 1999 and till 2003 they’ve played in all Japan’s prefectures. In the same year they started touring in Europe and USA. They’ve toured in more than 10 countries such as China and Mexico.

Their sound is a combo-rock-sound based on the Japanese 60s sound (group sound, eleki, Japanese styled surf sound, pop, new rhythm) with the taste of surf/hot-rod. The band is loved from a wide board of listeners, from the maniacs to the beginners. Their exciting live shows with the key-word niyari(=grin) has a hot reputation in Japan and abroad.

They’ve released till now a bunch of albums and singles and participated in several compilations in Japan, Germany and Mexico. They’ve produced commercial-songs, jingles and background music, and took part in theater plays and movies.

And last but not least they are the founders of the leading independent label Sazanami, one of the most famous independent record labels in Japan.

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