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The Gonks are a five piece unit hailing from Antwerp in sunny Belgium.

With their unique take on 6ts Beat/Garage/Mod/R&B they have been “wowing” great Mod crowds at venues such as The Indra (Hamburg), Euro Ye-Ye!, Cross-Fire Club (London), Bellevue Weekender (Platamonas, Greece) (to name but a few) since 2003 and have secured themselves a name and place in the heart of the most hardened of live gig goers.

The Gonks tracks can be found on “Soul Like Fire” (Rowed Out Records), “Hipsters” (Acid Jazz), “Tribute To Nino Ferrer” (Larsen Records), “The Gonks e.p” (BelleVue 45 series) and now with their first full length (12 track) album “Float Yer Boat” on Green Cookie Records.

So, enjoy The Gonks “Float Yer Boat” and look out for the band at a venue near you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

All our lovin’….The Gonks!


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