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The Immediates formed in 1995 out of the gathering of musicians coming from various garage bands (among which Stinky Spider). The Immediates have reached their present state after having settled down in Nantes in 1998 and seen the conspicuous arrival of two new recruits, François and Xavier (ex-Looneys), a buoyant organist and jumpy performer on stage.
The sound of the band was then deeply modified with the organ flying high over the beats.
After having changed their drummer twice, Captain Y (Ultra Milkmaids, the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean) joined in during the summer 2005, and has since then been providing the band with renewed rhythms in the pure 60’s beat fashion.
The Immediates are bold explorers when you listen to their set: they alternate original and cover songs (from the Remains, the Zombies to the Small Faces…), they display freak beats, elegant ties, vocal harmonies, Vespa scooters and British beats all at once in one tight bundle!

Formée en 1995 sur l’assemblage de plusieurs garage bands (Stinky Spider) the Immediates prennent leur envol et leur forme définitive avec l’installation à nantes en 1998 et l’arrivée remarquée de nouveaux membres, françois et xavier (ex-Looneys) organiste bouillonnant et performer sautillant.
Le son du groupe est fortement modifié, l’orgue survol les beats .
Apres 2 batteurs, l’arrivée de Captain y (Ultra Milkmaids / Star and Key of the Indian Ocean) été 2005 redonne au groupe une nouvelle rythmique dans le pure tradition du 60’s beat !
The Immediates ne s’interdisent aucune exploration dans leur répertoir; combinant compos et reprise (the Remains, Zombies, Small Faces …), freak beat, jolies cravates, harmonies vocales, scooter vespa et british beat !


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