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Леонкавало*, Leoncavallo*, Маскани*, Mascagni* – Палячи (I Pagliacci) / Селска Чест (Cavalleria Rusticana) – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BOA 10337/39
Manufactured under license by Balkanton in Bulgaria. An EMI Records recording. Made in Bulgaria СТЕРЕО Записы сделани по лицензии фирмы ЕМИ – Рекорд — Release comes in 3 cardboard sleeves with 8-page booklets in Bulgarian and English language (one in each sleeve, but with identical text). Track titles and credits on the record center labels are in Russian language. The booklet shows tracklist and credits in both Bulgarian and English versions. No track durations on release.


. Сельская Честь / Селска Чест / Cavalleria Rusticana
A. Введение / Начало / Beginning
B. Продолжение / Продължение / Continuation
C. Продолжение / Продължение / Continuation
. Паяцы / Палячи / I Pagliacci
D1. Пролог / Пролог / Prologue
D2. I-ое Действие / I-во Действие / Ist Act
E. I-ое Действие (Продолжение) / I-во Действие Продължение / Ist Act Continuation
F. II-ое Действие / II-ро Действие / IInd Act

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