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AddisAbabaBand - II - LP


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Catalog Number: ADDIS004
All music written and arranged by AddisAbabaBand. Edited by Olaf Brinch Druid, Yogasvin, Mass Confusion and Bomygre mixed by Jasper Geluk in Tone Boutique Studios, Haarlem Sterling No.1 Synthetic Beach & Cinematic mixed by Benjamin Spitzmüller at Philophon, Berlin Cold Hawaii & Introgovertz mixed by Frederik Segers at Boma Studios, Belgium Portraits painted by Frans van der Woude Cover design by Simon Eskildsen and Feike van der Woude Disclaimer note: Philophon is not a studio and only a label, and kindly requested to be removed from the release credits to avoid label credit confusion. The name Philophon was never meant to be on the cover, as we only used their mixing engineer, not their label/studio. It was an error on the band’s part, and the credits will be revised on any future re-press.


A1. Yogasvin
A2. Introgovertz
A3. Sterling No. 1
A4. Cold Hawaii
A5. Cinematic
B1. Druid
B2. Synthetic Beach
B3. Bomygre
B4. Mass Confusion

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