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Catsith - Catsith - CD


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Catalog Number: SC017
Driven by mystic vibes Catsith are an instrumental black surf/dark twist/rock’n’roll quartet formed at the beginning of 2018 in Moscow, Russia. The band features musicians coming from street punk Black Kassidy and doom metal gang Dazed Presidents. Inspired by the sixties sounds of surf music, imbued with the energy of rockabilly, punk rock, russian folk, horror and psychedelic. Catsith know how to throw a party, totally ready to touring all over the world


1. Thriller
2. Seven
3. Ritual
4. Prividenchiky
5. N
6. Morok
7. Lemmy
8. Immigrant
9. California Sun
10. Kolshik
11. Ginza Lights
12. Hawaïan War Chant
. Live Bonus Tracks
13. Kisa
14. Fantom
15. ONPB

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