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Cherry Overdrive - Clear Light! - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: HTR208
Barcode: 7350010772088
Recorded March 2006 Mixed and mastered May 2006 HEPTOWN RECORDS presents: From Unknown Parts Of The Universe, A Pleasure Never Heard Before …


A1. What It Takes (2:13)
A2. Sheryl’s Faith (1:45)
A3. Shake It Up! (2:23)
A4. Reptiles (2:39)
A5. Did You? (4:14)
A6. Venture (3:41)
B1. Hey Sugar (2:53)
B2. Clear Light (2:37)
B3. Don’t Trash My Tale (2:54)
B4. Hit The Right Note (4:17)
B5. Sharks (3:01)
B6. The Fall (10:23)

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