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Coldplay - X&Y - LP (180 Gram)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 07243 474786 11-ltd
Barcode: 7 24347 47861 1
Box set comes with an 24″x36″ poster. Records are packed in a gatefold sleeve cover. The sides are called XA, XB, YA and YB, the tracks are called X#A, X#B, Y#A and Y#B, where # stands for the track number. Track D4 (not Y4B, it’s just called +) is an unlisted track. Recorded at Air Lyndhurst, Parr Street, CRC, Sarm West, Townhouse and The Hit Factory. Mixed at Quad N.Y. Mastered at Sterling Sound N.Y. 180 Gram Vinyl. Audiphile Quality. Faithfully Restored.


A1. Square One
A2. What If
A3. White Shadows
B1. Fix You
B2. Talk
B3. X&Y
C1. Speed Of Sound
C2. A Message
C3. Low
D1. The Hardest Part
D2. Swallowed In The Sea
D3. Twisted Logic
D4. Til Kingdom Come

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