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Curlee Wurlee - Oui Oui... - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SFR-011
“Curlee Wurlee! sticks to your ears, not to your teeth!”


A1. Make You Cry
A2. You’re A Fake
A3. Can’t Make You Mine
A4. La Languedocienne
A5. Riot
A6. Lutin Au LSD
A7. She’s So Square
A8. (In The Hands Of The) Black Guards
A9. Je Vais Dérailler
B1. PATSAS (Patsas)
B2. He Won’t Come Back
B3. Twenty Seconds
B4. Raining In My Heart
B5. Il, Tu, Je
B6. Shérif, Smith & Wesson
B7. My Boyfriend Is A Fireman
B8. Sorrow

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