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El Ray - The Evil Mermaid - 10" (Purple)

Limited edition purple vinyl of 300 copies. Includes download code for various formats.

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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC042
Barcode: 5 024545 695601
℗ & © Green Cookie Records 2014. Recorded October 2013 at Bunker Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, except B3 recorded April 2011 at Kizio Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark. Mixed and mastered at Mir Sound Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, except B3 mixed at Roostfrequency, North Carolina, USA. Limited edition purple vinyl of 300 copies. Includes download code for various formats.


Copenhagen, Denmark. Not the most likely place for a band to emerge with the obvious surfing pedigree of El Ray. The band show a versatility of sound and an ear for catchy, toe tapping melody which takes them beyond the cliches that can often be associated with the surfing genre. Combining a fresh, modern style with a healthy nod to the past, ‘surf with a twist’ El Ray have managed to achieve a new, classic sound.

Their 3 full length releases, the two 10″ inches and the singles are known to have been recorded during blizzards, far far away from the sunny side of life and Californian lifestyle. Whatever it is, El Ray is the band that keeps on giving that goosebumbing and hair raising Instro-surf!

El Ray’s merits has proved the band to be a serious contender in writing and performing modern instrumentals that would make your hifi-stereo A GO-GO!! The 4 Scandinavian Instro-surfers have build their own brand within the surfing circles since 2001. Mixing their dynamic, cool punked up surf tunes with a huge spoonful of rock’n’roll and a tad indie to make everybody happy when “it’s better to be surf than sorry”.

El Ray are always ready to invite their audience to ride the wild waves of surf in clubs all over.

Better Surf Than Sorry – it’s time to join the party!


A1. Those Damn Kids
A2. Three Kinds Of Meat
A3. The Peep Show
A4. El Raynia (Über Alles)
B1. Den Shaker
B2. Justin Case
B3. Double Penetration


Wow! El Ray’s last LP didn’t have the oomph I felt from some of their older material but this has all the speed and power I ever wanted from them. So many little touches that tweak great songs into incredible ones and with top-notch production bringing it together. They can do a good slow, sleazy track as well as a speedy one, like on the genius Pyramids/Link Wray mashup Double Penetration Favorite track: El Raynia (Uber Alles).Hunter King

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