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Fonda 500 - ABCDELP - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: IVY007CD
Barcode: 5034938199050


1. Simons Alphabetical Beard
2. Press Play For ABCDELP
3. Hallelujah>>
4. Denki No Mitsubachi
5. Little Miss Spelling Bee
6. Mathematical Formula Of Warmth
7. Summers Here & Everything Is Right
8. Tiens! C’est Un Partie Dans Le TGV!
9. Thank God For Jesus & My Silver Studded Soul
10. Come On If You’re Coming Along
11. Let Your Hair Grow Short
12. In The Time Between My Short Haircut & My Long Haircut
13. Haircuts Are Cool
14. Welcome: Let Your Hair Grow Long
15. Z Is The Sound You Make When You’re No Longer Awake

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