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Four By Art - The Early Years '82-'86 - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: AP019
Tracks 1 to 3 taken from the self produced Ep “My mind in four sights” recorded in 1982 in Milan. Tracks 4 to 13 taken from first Lp “Four by art” recorded at the De Amicis Studio in Milan in 1985 and released by Electric Eye. Tracks 14 to 22 taken from the second Lp “Everybody’s an artist with… Four by art!” recorded at Bips Studio in Milan on June 1986 and released by Electric Eye. Tracks 23, 25 recorded live at Mods May Day – Viareggio 1983. Tracks 24 recorded live in 1985. Digitally mastered at West Link Studio Cascina – Pisa. Produced by Area Pirata Rec. Printed in Italy 2008 Comes in digipak.


1. My Mind In Four Sights
2. Future In The Past
3. Who Killed Snoopy
4. I Can’t Stand Your Love
5. Torpedo Woman
6. Not Teardrops On The Floor
7. Lost In A Ghost Town
8. Don’t Call Me (On The Phone)
9. Do The Shimmy Shimmy Duck
10. Sleep All Day
11. I’m Having Fun
12. A Little Bit Of Ice
13. Mony Mony
14. One More Time
15. Just Feelin’ Alright
16. Don’t Mess Without Judas
17. Why People Are Standing?
18. Cold Sensation
19. I Can’t Wait Till Midnight
20. Nightime
21. The End Of Love
22. It’s So Hard
23. Turn On Your Lovelight (Live)
24. Psychotic Reaction (Live)
25. Why Do You Lie (Live)

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