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I Fantomatici - Giustizia Sommaria - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC008
Recorded Summer 2004 in different places near Vicenza, Italy.

I Fantomatici, was an instrumental surf band from Vincenza, Italy, playing a blend of spaghetti-western and surf. “Fantomatici” in Italian means “that maybe don’t really exist”. But we assure they existed, and mixed in their compositions the most disparate influences: surf, beat, rockabilly, easy listening, Italian 60s-70s B movies soundtracks. Always with an original, peculiar style. Their music reminds of seasides, exotic atmospheres, alien worlds, Italian futurism, spaghetti-western lands, superheroes of all colors and nationalities, historical avant-gardes and mysterious women. The group’s ideological background is based on everything related to the sixties and seventies, especially in Italy. An ill-concealed Mediterranean character is the trademark of I Fantomatici. They have recorded 2 albums for Green Cookie Records, Giustizia Sommaria (2005) and Spaghetti Surf (2007). Both albums have received very positive reviews. More than 15 years after their release both albums are finally available at Spotify and all streaming platforms.

I Fantomatici mescolano nelle loro composizioni le più disparate influenze: surf, beat, rockabilly, garage, lounge, senza dimenticare punk e lo-fi, e un legame molto forte con le colonne sonore, soprattutto dei film ’60–’70. Nei pezzi vengono evocati agenti segreti, gite al mare, atmosfere esotiche, mondi alieni, scenari spaghetti-western, supereroi di ogni colore e nazionalità, avanguardie storiche e donne affascinanti.
Il retroterra ideologico del gruppo si basa su tutto ciò che riguarda gli anni sessanta e settanta, soprattutto in Italia. Una malcelata mediterraneità è il marchio di fabbrica de I Fantomatici. Un ringraziamento particolare a Capitan Tamarindo, alias Jimmy Grondaia, eminente guru spirituale del gruppo nonché esperto in ogni tematica musicale e culturale degli anni ’60 e ’70. Il 15 febbraio 2005 è finalmente uscito l’album Giustizia Sommaria per la Green Cookie Records. 12 tracce più ghost track che stanno facendo impazzire grandi e piccini. Tenete d’occhio i Fantomatici: se non li cercate voi, verranno a cercarvi loro! Da pochi giorni è finalmente pronto anche il secondo album di inediti della band, sempre con etichetta Green Cookie. Il titolo del nuovo lavoro è “Spaghetti Surf”.


1. Anni Di Piombo (2:38)
2. Assalto Alla Diligenza (3:09)
3. Asteroide (3:33)
4. Costa Esmeralda (2:07)
5. Dr. Destino (2:43)
6. Gangsters (2:24)
7. Gita Al Mare (2:22)
8. Mexicono (2:51)
9. Mr. Granchio (2:12)
10. Operazione Sceicco (2:14)
11. Solstizio D’Estate (3:30)
12. Yuri Gagarin (2:29)
13. R.I.P. (2:37)

A swirling, rumbling mixture of Italian B movie dialogue and lo-fi, fuzz laden guitars. Billed as spaghetti western, sci-fi surf; and it’s hard to argue – if Sergio Leone had made a movie where The Man With No Name could surf and fly spaceships, then these guys should have recorded the soundtrack for it. “This is a very interesting disc and certainly, major R&R news from Italy. Combining spaghetti western, spy, surf and atmospheric production, this band is charting new territory. Very good writing and engaging ideas.” -Phil Dirt. There’s shimmer and throb and reverb and vibrato – pumping rhythms and tweaky electro sounds within Surf Spy-ghetti. /// Reviewed by DWM Music


This is a very interesting disc. Combining spaghetti western, spy, surf, and atmospheric production, this Italian band are charting new territory. Very good writing and engaging ideas.

Anni Di Piombo *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Like a cross between John Barry and Ennio Morricone, “Anni Di Piombo” is a pulsing spaghetti spy song with lots of ominous drama.

Assalto Alla Diligenza ***** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// “Assalto Alla Diligenza” is a splendid spaghetti western with a galloping rhythm and eerie sound. Haunted by spatial reverb, the moody melody rides a stereo wash of shimmer courtesy vibrato and panned delay. Sound effects of horses and gunshots complete the bandito image.

Asteroide *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Pumping rhythm and tweaky electro-sounds in a dark syrup of sub space danger. Not melodic, but riffy pulsing power.

Costa Esmeralda **** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// A fine playful melody strides across a circulating rhythm. “Costa Esmeralda” is very cool and catchy, with a bit of humor and spatial fullness. Fun and engaging.

Dr. Destino **** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// An open road adventure kind of song with shimmer and throb from reverb and vibrato. “Dr. Destino” has a definite coastal feeling, and the melody portrays motion. The tribal beat adds drama.

Gangsters *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// This song sports a catchy riff and a light hearted sound. A wash of reverb and atmospherics give it a huge distance, though it’s not far away. Bad guys never sound this melodic.

Gita Al Mare **** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Light and fluid, playful and warm, “Gita Al Mare” is a fine song for an energized happy day. Pretty without being sappy, and featuring great drums.

Mexicono *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Warm tone and a Spanish influence create a pleasing and fluid sound. The melody is very pleasing and well developed. “Mexicono” seems to smile.

Mr. Grancho *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Stereo vibrato makes “Mr. Grancho” pulse in an atmospheric wash. More riff than melody, but very fun. The uplifting joy of the song is quite evident.

Operazione Sceicco *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Spies on surfboards zigzag between curl riders in search of sleepers. They don’t find them, but the hunt is dangerous nonetheless. “Operazione Sceicco” is a nice song with a real espionage feeling and sound.

Sol Stizio D’Estate **** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// “Sol Stizio D’Estate” is a very pretty song, with a beautiful melody and broad atmospherics. The muted rhythm and gentle percussion, along with the round bass lines, create a romantic underpinning for the haunting melody.

Yuri Gagarin *** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Russian Cosmonaut “Yuri Gagarin” is immortalized in this instrumental. Perhaps a bit like early Laika and the Cosmonauts, the song is decidedly European, yet has a surfable sound.

R.I.P. **** Spaghetti Surf (Instrumental) /// Unlisted at the end of the disc, “R.I.P.” is a beautiful and atmospheric song that floats on a sea of reverb and mist. Great percussion and moodiness.

Reviewed by Phil Dirt (Reverb Central)

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