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Jack Kerouac - The Beat Generation - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 3602184060
Barcode: 5202482840609
the beat generation


1-1. The Beat Generation
1-2. Poets (Fragments)
1-3. Lucien Midnight (Part I)
1-4. Lucien Midnight (Part II)
1-5. Fantasy: The Early History Of Bop
1-6. Experts From The Subterraneans
1-7. Visions Of Neal : Neal And Thee Stooges (Part I)
1-8. Visions Of Neal : Neal And Thee Stooges (Part II)
1-9. Is There A Beat Generation?
2-1. October In The Railroad Earth
2-2. Deadbelly
2-3. Charlie Parker
2-4. The Sounds Of The Universe Coming In My Window
2-5. One Mother
2-6. Goofing At The Table
2-7. Bowery Blues
2-8. Abraham
2-9. Dave Brubeck
2-10. I Had A Slouch Hat Too One Time
2-11. The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception
2-12. Mc Dougal Street Blues
2-13. The Moon Her Majesty
2-14. I’d Rather Be Thin Than Famous
2-15. Reading From On The Radio And Visions Of Cody

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