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Jon & The Nightriders - Surf Beat '80 - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: VXS 200.002
Recorded at Black Widow Tracks, Carson, California, April 27-29, 1980. Manufactured and distributed by Bomp Records, Los Angeles, CA Some copies included a blue full page size order form from Bomp! for The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music 1959-1965


A1. Banzai Washout (2:36)
A2. Kami Kaze (2:14)
A3. Bombora (2:07)
A4. Riptide (2:30)
A5. Rumble At Waikiki (2:24)
A6. Mr. Moto (2:00)
A7. Surf Beat (2:53)
B1. Depth Charge (2:35)
B2. The Force Of Gravity (2:23)
B3. Latin’ia (2:44)
B4. Bombay Beach (2:04)
B5. Super Jet Rumble (2:28)
B6. Baja (2:45)
B7. Moment Of Truth (3:12)

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