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Kent Bowman - No Talk Stink! - LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: HS 545
The liner notes state the album was recorded “live at Hula Town”, but most likely the “town” refers to a recording studio that Hula Records used frequently.


. Introduction
A1a. Freeway
A1b. Kolohe
A1c. Mauna Loa
A1d. Ku Ka Da Kine
A1e. Moki’s Cadillac
A1f. Da Uku
A2a. Mees Smeet
A2b. Chain Saw
A2c. Da Boss
A2d. Moki Flies
. Masa
A3a. The Caretaker
A3b. The Telephone
A3c. Milk And Cookies
A3d. Triplets
. Ka’umanua
B1a. Elephants
B1b. Applause
B1c. Assault
B1d. Minis
B1e. Deer Hunting
B1f. The Cow
B1g. The Devil
B1h. The Burglar
B1i. The Deoderant
. Walk On The Water
B2a. Walk On The Water
B2b. De Cane Knipe
B2c. Huli
B2d. Snake Bite
B2e. Aloha

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