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King Charles' Head / LD50 (3) - 3 Klappers: Surf From Holland / On Strike - 7"


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: Folklore2/1998
500 copies were pressed (black). Label on B-Side has a misprint saying xMusicx xTreex xYouthx instead of xMusicx xFreex xYouthx. Came with two inserts with lyrics, nudity and a bunch of political leaflets on animial-rights. KIng Charles’ Head side was recorded in ’98 (1, 2) and in ’97 (3) by Evert-Jan. A5-paper states that track 2 was written by ‘Petkere & Young’ but on the label was written ‘All tracks by Rens van Onna’ due to ‘Buma Stemra’ (rights society). LD’50 side was recorded on 1998-03-15 in Holten by Wim.


A1. Jinx
A2. Lullaby Of The Leaves
A3. Postraumatic Stress Twist
B1. Bored? (0:16)
B2. Get The Spade (0:43)
B3. Enjoy Smoking (While We’re Choking!) (0:31)
B4. Let’s Give It A Try (0:29)
B5. God Loves You (0:38)
B6. Don’t Expect That! (0:18)
B7. Who Dares? (1:25)
B8. The Only Reality (0:08)
B9. Difficult / Demonstrate (0:52)
B10. Perfect Combination (0:10)
B11. Farewell Welfare (0:28)
B12. A Voice = A Choice (0:23)
B13. Just A Symbol? (0:26)

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