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Les Agamemnonz - Les Agamemnonz - 10" (3rd pressing / 150 copies transparent blue)

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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC037-ltd-1

3rd pressing / released 1 September 2021.

Limited edition 150 transparent blue.

Surely these four boys have created an “Agamemnonz”-sound, new and inimitable. The phrasing of their guitars, their musicality, the originality of their arrangements, supported by a subtle rhythm, is the secret of the stunning success of these boys through the entire world.

Benjamin Bonaventure (lead guitar); Simon Ripoll-Hurier (rhythm guitar); Lucas Morin (bass); André Pasquet (drums). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yann Jaffiol at MyStudio (Nantes, France). Engineered by Le Suédois. Cover artwork by studio Ludwig. Group photo by G. Alarm.




A1. Grands Rapides (2:02)
A2. Feliway (2:32)
A3. Marathon (2:33)
A4. Simon’s Beat (2:36)
B1. Vinyl Roof (1:51)
B2. Apollo (2:27)
B3. Salma VI (2:32)
B4. Tristes Tropiques (2:47)

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