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Los Esquizoides - Bajo Presupuesto! - CD


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: MOR-007
Here It Finally Is!!!! The First Full Length Album by “Los Esquizoides Made on A Budget of only Ambition and 0 Colones!!! This album Comes Packed with Raw Blistering Guitars! Thunderous Low Tones! and Explosive Drums! Presented Proudly In Mono for that extra Lo-Fi kick to The Face!!


1. Intro
2. The “In” Crowd
3. Telepathic
4. Pushover
5. Stabbed At The Park
6. Zombie Stomp
7. Gone
8. Nose Bleed
9. Rubber Legs
10. I hate You
11. Loser

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