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Los Telepatas - Vs. El Mundo - CD (Digipack)


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Catalog Number: RSTRCD014-ltd
You believe they have come back though they never actually went away, you think that they are old and run down but they are more lucid than any young student or producer, you also imagine that at any moment they will disappear from the scene; well this is an illusion, friend, you can discard all these fairy tales. Your mighty Telepatas, always in force and immortal, are one of the few bands that survive all eras, fashions and generations, in fact they keep the flame alive from the glorious days of Cemento, Die Schule, La Luna and El Dorado. Losers, indeed, they are genuine outsiders but also authentic, unique and timeless, virtues rarely met in the current day. The Telepatas vs. the World might be interpreted as a warning of apocalypse or war or as a polemic for confrontation and destruction, but in contrast and true to old habits, it is neither more nor less than an reaffirmation of the band’s impudent lineage – arrogant, idiosyncratic and unusual, very much on the cutting edge. Nearly two decades after its disco debut, you have a new Telepatas classic. A torrent of instant hits, pure Garage deliriously encoded with wild Punk and rare acid Pop and even Zombie. All of this with typical outrageous lyrics, astute and daring in a style that only these geniuses know how to achieve. Rastrillo Records is proud to participate in this tremendous and historic event.


1. Basta De Inflacion (3:32)
2. Me Resfrié Por Vos (2:35)
3. Besos Impudicos (2:17)
4. Borrachera (3:03)
5. Los Novios No Te Duran (2:33)
6. Dios No Me Quiere (3:14)
7. Esperando A Erven (3:23)
8. ¿Por Qué No Te Vas De Acá? (1:38)
9. No Comprendes (3:11)
10. Oveja Negra (3:25)
11. Sos Cruel (3:30)
12. Piqueteros Del Amor (3:33)
13. Si Te Enteras De La Verdad (2:27)
14. Ya No Tengo Caspa (2:46)

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