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Los Tremoleros - The Winter Sessions - CD (250 copies)


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC013
Established in 2016, Los Tremoleros hit the Melbourne surf scene with a wave of Latino energy. With members hailing from Mexico and Australia, the Los Tremoleros sound spices classic surf with a touch of chilli.Señor Ramirez Acapulco (Caleb Franco) Bass Guitar El Sicario (Andrew Broom) Rhythm Guitar Señor CJ (Craig Jones) Drums El Jefe (Jimmy Layely) Lead Guitar


1. Los Tremoleros Theme (02:45)
2. Samurai Surfer (03:24)
3. Tiger Shark (02:43)
4. Pearl Diver (02:37)
5. Decoy (01:59)
6. The Rip (02:12)
7. Surfari (02:05)

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