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Los Venturas – Playtime! – LP/CD

LP 12″ BLACK (200 copies), WHITE (100 copies).


LP (black)€ 15
LP (white)€ 18
CD€ 12
Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC059LP-ltd
Album released on deluxe digipack CD, black vinyl and a limited amount cream white. The first 100 vinyls will be sold with an extra dj-able 7″ with dancefloor remixes of ‘Go Go GTO’ & ‘Rai Due’.


After 18 years of playing, Los Venturas have marked their spot in the international scene of instrumental guitar music called ‘surf music’. That label however is too small for what the band brings its crowd: there’s exotica, balkan, ska, soul, rock ‘n roll, … Some have already uniquely labelled it ‘world surf music’. The band itself rather sticks with ‘penetrating guitar instrumentals™’. This unique fusion of styles has been approved by many crowds in Europe and over the Atlantic. Not to be surprised, as their accessible music guarantees good vibes. On top their many years of experience can be heard as a flawless live performance. In short, they know how to throw a party, in diverse settings and different stages, going from clubs to festivals, inland or at the seashore.

Their many years of writing music can be heard on 7 albums/singles that were released from 2001 on: Sharkfest, Aloha Summer, Surfers Brew, Besame Mucho, Kaleydoskop, Paisley Beach & Miles High. The last 3 albums were recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Pete Curry (Los Straitjackets, Jon & The Nightriders) and released under Green Cookie Records. This fall Green Cookie records and Los Venturas proudly present their 4th cooperation: “Playtime!”. Unlike the previous albums, this one is 100% made in Belgium: recorded at Nico Leonard’s Pum Pum Hotel in Charleroi, mixed at Great Oak Studios by Steven Van Gelder and produced by Sam Pieter Janssens.

Playtime! features 11 originals, each of them a world on its own thanks to the use of multiple instruments, techniques and the added value of some top notch guest appearances. It comes in white vinyl and CD. The first 100 LP’s come with an extra 7” featuring two alternative versions, dancefloor-proof! Whether you’re a DJ, collector, music lover or player, don’t hesitate to purchase your copy and… play it!!


A1. Flat Earth Rocket Man (02:44)
A2. Go Go GTO (03:19)
A3. Beans, Tortillas & Chili (and even some wine) (03:23)
A4. Rai Due (03:26)
A5. A Hui Hou (04:20)
B1. Le Vélo (02:18)
B2. Bird Poo (03:14)
B3. Camping Dallas (02:17)
B4. Nam-O-Point (03:16)
B5. Carrera Pan-Am (02:20)
B6. The Balls of Saint Rudolph (03:04)


” (…) Il y a dans cet album plein d’éléments qui évoquent les bandes originales de films d’exploitation des Sixties…
Donc c’est ici une fois encore à un disque très varié auquel on à droit, ce qui permet a l’album d’être savoureux de bout en bout. Avec ces moments langoureux (pour se la jouer coller-serré), ses trompettes presque Mariachi, ses sonorités Mittleuropa, ses quelques rythmes caribéens viennent titiller votre envie de vous resservir un cocktail !!! Cependant Los Venturas ne sont jamais mievre ! Un peu de beauté, de douceur et d’élégance dans ce monde de brutes !” – Voix De Garage Grenoble (1 march 2019).

“(…) Al igual que sus últimos lanzamientos, el álbum fue editado por el sello griego Green Cookie Records y a través de 11 piezas se realiza un viaje que va de las soleadas playas de California (“Flat Earth Rocket Man”), a las misteriosas trompetas al estilo de Ennio Morricone (“Beans, Tortillas & Chili”), la tranquilidad hawaiiana (“A Hui Hou”) y hasta llegar al rock & roll instrumental al estilo de The Ventures (“Camping Dallas”).
El resultado del trabajo es una muestra clara que dentro de la música surf todavía existen muchos caminos por explorar. El estilo único de Los Venturas los coloca por encima de la mayoría de sus colegas que sólo reciclan sonidos antiguos en lugar de proponer.” – Musica Inclasificable (16 jan 2019).

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