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Man... Or Astro-Man?* - Your Weight On The Moon - 10"


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: LOUDER 4
Barcode: 5019148104728
Black vinyl pressing Tracks listed sequentially on jacket and center labels. Recorded Saturday, June 18, 1994 AD (Earth Time) at Zero Return-Elmore, AL, USA.


. Green Side
A1. Rocketship XL-3
A2. Special Agent Conrad Uno
A3. Electrostatic Brain Field
A4. Shockwave
A5. Taser Guns Mean Big Fun
. Cheeze Side
B6. F=GmM(moon)/r²
B7. Space Patrol
B8. Happy Fingers
B9. Destination Venus
B10. Polaris

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