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Messer Chups – Spook-O-Rama – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: MuSick 42
Double vinyl.Full title is: ‘Spook-O-Rama. The Best Of Messer Chups’Includes 6 vinyl only tracks (not available on CD).First 100 copies include poster and sticker.


A1. Magneto
A2. Dracula Hates Photoshoots
A3. They Call Me Zombie
A4. Cha Cha Cha In The Dark
A5. Auf Wiedersehen Show (Vinyl Only)
A6. Aquatic Business
A7. Cheap Holidays On The Moon
B1. Padre Pizzicato
B2. Christopher Lee Vs. Bruce Lee
B3. Ghost Party
B4. Authentic Blood Sucking Melody
B5. Fantomasofobia
B6. In 3 Minutes Till Massacre
B7. Back To Bermuda Triangle
C1. Insomnia Of The Mummies (Vinyl Only)
C2. The Menace (2019 Recording)
C3. Sparkling Blood
C4. Voodoo Man (Vinyl Only)
C5. Dead Cat On The Line (Vinyl Only)
C6. Coffin Mobile
C7. Stampede
D1. Tremolo From The Crypt (Vinyl Only)
D2. Rockin’ Zombie
D3. Curse Of Stephen Kong
D4. Freddy Kruger’s Holiday (2019 Recording)
D5. Vincent Price Bible
D6. Ghost Hop (Vinyl Only)
D7. Titi Caca Titi

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