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Moms I'D Like To Surf - Beach Control To Major Knob - CD


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Catalog Number: SC015

Winter 2012, as he gets tired of the cold and the snow of the French alps, John John De Vito decides to give up his saxophon and take back his guitar to find some hot waves in surf music. He asks Kristina Fabula, his old high school classmate, to exchange her violin for a baritone guitar. Here is the beginning of Moms I’d Like To Surf ! Obviously, Frankie Goodlord, Bassist and doctor of sixties music spirit, and then Bobby Ballard, ex-punk drummer reconverted to jazz, join the line-up in spring 2013. After several lives playing classics surf covers and some of their own tunes, they record their first EP in 2014. The next year, they work on new compositions and release their second EP : « Surf Cops Are Watching You » and their first video clip « Surf Blast Inferno ». They are currently working on a first LP, which will be released in 2019.


1. Soulstep For The Masses (03:18)
2. Messiah Jerk (02:55)
3. No Surf Today (The Sea Has Gone Away) (03:02)
4. Suck My Board For Free (02:46)
5. Sunless Summer Boogaloo (03:36)
6. Jo (03:16)
7. Wave Almighty (04:23)
8. Hipster On A Beach (03:53)
9. Pourvu Que Les Gentils Gagnent (03:10)
10. Kiss The Viking Beard (03:07)
11. Bondage Dilemma (03:33)
12. Never Trust The Lifeguard (Secret Agents Are Everywhere) (02:17)

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