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Morticia's Lovers - Smash The Radio - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: Nitro 24
Recorded and mixed at the Elfo Studio on January 2004. Track A5 originally performed by [a=Los Reactors]. Track B4 originally performed by [url=]Kaos[/url]. John Belpaese appears courtesy of Aries Rec.


A1. Smash The Radio
A2. Go Baby Go
A3. Saturday Night
A4. Try
A5. Dead In The Suburbs
A6. How I Hate You
A7. Love Is Just An Hippy’s Thing
B1. Rent A Lover
B2. Chemical Drugs
B3. Strap On
B4. Alcoholiday
B5. I Wanna See Ya
B6. Mr. J. Thunder

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