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Painted Air - Come On 69 - LP (Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Picture Disc)

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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC023-LP-ltd
Barcode: 4 024572 449537
Issued as a limited edition of 313 hand-numbered copies.

Painted Air from Hamburg –St. Pauli in Germany is hailing around since 1990 and thus, just attained full age.
Before getting that fuzz-tanked-organ-driven sound, Painted Air started as a typical 60s garage punk combo and in-between flirted with 60s psych and krautrock.
Over the years they shared stages with some of the most legendary bands around, like Dead Moon, The Fuzztones, The Cynics, Sick Rose and The Strange Flowers.
Danish frontman Martin’s prominent voice is Painted Air’s trademark.
Painted Air gets its influences through the other members though: 60s specialist Tripsi on drums gives the essential beat while Fuzzomazz’ (who writes most of the songs) punkrock heart pukes raw sounds, balanced by Olli’s melodic bass themes.
Painted Air was joined in 2008 by French organ goddess Organella (Curlee Wurlee!), whose saturated Vox organ finished to polish the sound of their brandnew album “Come on 69”. She was recently replaced by Czerno from the band “Rock’n’Roll Hotel”, who makes the sound even more evil!


1. Hey Hey (2:00)
2. Make It Real (2:17)
3. Restless Hedonist (2:53)
4. Night Lies (3:23)
5. Every Night A New Surprise (2:08)
6. Bliss (New Version) (3:42)
7. Drain Your Blood (New Version) (2:13)
8. I Don’t Get It (2:20)
9. Morphine (2:13)
10. Don’t Be Jealous (2:45)
11. Goodbye (2:42)
12. Come On 69 (4:28)

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