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Palmiyeler – Şeytan Odama Geldi – LP​​​

★ LP 12″ vinyl ★ BLACK 200 copies ★ WHITE 150 copies ★ PURPLE 100 copies ★ ORANGE 100 copies ★


LP (orange)€ 20
LP (white)€ 18
LP (purple)SOLD OUT
LP (black)€ 15
Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC076-black
“Şeytan Odama Geldi”, their brand new studio album was released in late 2020, due for a vinyl release in the winter of 2021 because of Covid-19 delays!

Palmiyeler stands for soothing melodies, cinematic landscapes and groovy beats! Unlike the majority of neo-psych bands, Palmiyeler are the proprietors of a distinct style, so familiar and at the same time so original, that makes it hard to categorize: blending garage-rock classicism with some Morricone cool, the Turkish quartet explore dark themes under a breezy Mediterranean sunny feel, the end result sounding hauntingly smooth, like Steely Dan writing for The Jesus & Mary Chain!
Since their formation in the early ‘10s they demonstrated their wide spectrum of influences combined with their sheer musicality! Surf guitar licks leading to often lethargic, gospel-based tunes that recall early-Spiritualized or third-album-era Velvets, alternate with West Coast ‘70s soft-rock abandon dipped on heady sub-funky beats and soulful vocals courtesy of gifted singer Mertcan Mertbilek. This is the Palmiyeler recipe for romance and rock’n’roll: surf cool, Beatlesque genius and psych euphoria at the core of its ingredients, with the beauty of the Turkish language shining over their deep-fried Medi-cosmic!
Their brand new album “Şeytan Odama Geldi” is the epitome of Palmiyeler’s songwriting; an outburst of musicality under the scope of a visual artist! Released in late 2020 on digital is due in the fall of 2021 on limited vinyl via Green Cookie Records.




1. Doğan Güneş Bizi Yakar 05:38
2. Şeytan Odama Geldi 03:10
3. Gel Yanima 06:16
4. Masum Bir Kedi 04:01
5. Aslinda, Galiba 03:12
6. Köpekler 04:27
7. Bize Sorma 05:25
8. Sonuçta Farklı Kafalar 02:03
9. Perdeyi Arala 02:20

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