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Paul Roland - Confessions Of An Opium Eater - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: Δ.Δ. 118/9
All tracks recorded between 1980-1987. All songs published by Lithon Music UK. (P) 1988 Paul Roland (C) 1988 Di Di Music.


A1. Death Or Glory
A2. Burnt Orchids
A3. The Hanging Judge
A4. The Great Edwardian Air Raid
A5. Berlin
A6. Captain Blood
B1. Blades Of Battenberg
B2. Madame Guillotine
B3. Cairo
B4. Werewolves Of London
B5. In The Opium Den
B6. Buccaneers
B7. Gabrielle
. 7″
A1. Madame Guillotine
A2. Madelaine
A3. Happy Families
B1. Gabrielle
B2. Cairo

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