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Placebo - Battle For The Sun - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BATTLE01BS
Barcode: 827565050826
Battle For The Sun – Deluxe Box Set. 2 hardback bound books in hard back slipcase Book 1 CD1: Full album + 2 bonus tracks (CD-14 and CD-15) CD2: CD-R / Live album tracks from forthcoming world tour – Blank CD that allows the exclusive download of live recorded tracks, from selected live dates. DVD1: Live at Angkor Wat. Full concert performance shot in December 2008 of the band’s only show last year which was the first ever rock show to take place at the world famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. PLUS a film documenting the band’s trip to Cambodia, behind the scenes footage and interviews with the band. DVD2: In the studio; The making of ‘Battle For The Sun’ the album. A film, featuring never before seen ‘fly on the wall’ footage of Placebo, in the studio, recording the new album. Film includes studio interviews with the band. 32 page photo book featuring exclusive artwork, photos from Angkor Wat and Cambodia plus lyrics and original handwritten lyrics. Book 2 2 x Heavy Vinyl LP (2 Bonus Tracks: D2 and D3) 16 pages of exclusive artwork, lyrics & photos. Exclusive poster insert


CD-1. Kitty Litter
CD-2. Ashtray Heart
CD-3. Battle For The Sun
CD-4. For What It´s Worth
CD-5. Devil In The Details
CD-6. Bright Lights
CD-7. Speak In Tongues
CD-8. The Never-Ending Why
CD-9. Julien
CD-10. Happy You´re Gone
CD-11. Breathe Underwater
CD-12. Come Undone
CD-13. Kings Of Medicine
CD-14. Unisex
CD-15. The Movie On Your Eyelids
. Live In Angkor Wat
DVD1-1. Meds
DVD1-2. Because I Want You
DVD1-3. Follow The Cops Back Home
DVD1-4. Black-Eyed
DVD1-5. Post Blue
DVD1-6. Blind
DVD1-7. Drag
DVD1-8. Teenage Angst
DVD1-9. Twenty Years
DVD1-10. Detour Documentary
DVD2. Documentary: In The Studio: The Making Of Battle For The Sun
A1. Kitty Litter
A2. Ashtray Heart
A3. Battle For The Sun
A4. For What It´s Worth
B1. Devil In The Details
B2. Bright Lights
B3. Speak In Tongues
B4. The Never-Ending Why
C1. Julien
C2. Happy You´re Gone
C3. Breathe Underwater
C4. Come Undone
D1. Kings Of Medicine
D2. Unisex
D3. The Movie On Your Eyelids

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