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Radio Ocean - Radio Ocean - CD


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Catalog Number: SC006
Radio Ocean is an instrumental music band founded in the year 2013 by some friends with desires of enjoying making music. Its music is influenced mainly by the sound of classic surf, in which can be appreciate garage touches and psychedelic, you can also find in his compositions brushstrokes to old film soundtracks, as well as other more current sounds. With several performances in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula, and after passing as a guest band at party-presentation of the mythical Purple Weekend festival in León and after being finalists ¨war bands¨ in the collest summer festival Euroyeye of Gijón, took the leap to the studio-laboratory recording of Circo Perroti by the hand of Jorge Explosion, as producer and doing his own guitar arregements in some of the songs of record. Physical supports of this first album has amazing design in which you can enjoy while listening of pre-cinematographic technique called Ombro-Cinema, applyed to the images and figures. All this thanks to the know-how of our collaborator, illustrator and graphic creative Cesar García. surf, power & psych


1. Caliente (3:16)
2. Ciclogénesis (2:30)
3. Pantera (4:22)
4. Fliper (3:59)
5. Σειρήνες (Sirenas) (3:15)
6. Line Up (3:57)
7. Nortada (3:12)
8. Once Alto (4:09)
9. Viaje Psicodélico (5:05)
10. Lucy (4:10)

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