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Regressverbot - Dubna's Dance - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: WNTN02
Edition of 300 copies. In A1 you hear the voice of Rozika. In A2 and B3 you hear the voice of Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou reading parts of his poems and parts of the poem of Aggelos Sikelianos “Agrafon”. Collage: “Plan B. Delete” by Ubu Dancer (2019) Cover’s graphics: Kartha


A1. Rozika (4:34)
A2. Odi Ston Prigkipa (6:31)
A3. Dubna’s Dance (3:30)
A4. Arthur Cravan (3:33)
B1. Seppuku (5:57)
B2. Tesla Spirit Radio (5:48)
B3. Ola Einai Ereipia (4:50)
B4. Dracula (4:34)

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