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Sant Anna Bay Coconuts ‎– Harbor City Surfing – LP/CD

Recording, editing and mastering by High Lake Hill Studio.
All tracks by Sant Anna Bay Coconuts except Margaya by The Fender IV.


LP (white)SOLD OUT
LP (black)SOLD OUT
CD€ 11
Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC030
Barcode: 59002249003758

Aloha, come celebrate with us!
The Sant Anna Bay Coconuts are 4 colleagues, friends but most of all an adopted family and they are based in Antwerp, Harbor City, Belgium. A tropical kiss is what you get from a few ravishing dancing wahines, while you see or hear these rascals playing their vision of instrumental surf music.
With this debut album, they’re not only taking you on a trip around the globe, they also visit every beach and wave along the way. They party hard, they stay up late but most of all, they celebrate!
What do they celebrate you ask? Life as it is, scars included!
Driving your surf van to the beach to try and put on a wetsuit, only to find it shooting away to the other side of the parking spot. Going full throttle in your hot-rod to the nearest skatepark to finally land that bigspinboardslide you’ve been dreaming of, but smack your face into the concrete instead.
You get the idea… This is exactly what made this album happen: surfing, skating, big V-8 engines, a ton of bruises and a shitload of rum. The order of these things are obvious for surf music lovers.
Ride their waves and go with the flow!


1 The Devil’s Gun
2 Crowded For Dawnpatrol
3 On The Strip
4 Rimal Alsahra’ (Desert Sand)
5 The Transporter
6 Margaya
7 Out Of The Water
8 Stoked In Tel Aviv
9 Fiber Shaping
10 Point Mugu
11 Sam’s Tiki Trade
12 Kharma


It’s become clear to me that some recording engineers don’t “get” surf. Whoever recorded this group really gets it, and this trad surf combo is a great band to demonstrate it. The guitar tone on here is the stuff. On “The Transporter” you hear licks that a seasoned surf fan should be familiar with, but there’s a low-end heft to that sound that really reminds you why people play that way — and of course that’s backed up by a wall of sound from the rhythm guitar. Or maybe to put it simply, they can play Margaya and it actually holds a candle to the original. Musically, these guys are all surf; no trifling with Spaghetti Western or anything, and they wield their big sound imposingly. I’ve listened to this the whole way through several times in the two days it’s been out. Go! — Reviewed by Storm Surge Of Reverb (USA).


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