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Satan's Pilgrims - At Home With - CD (Album, Limited Edition, Special Edition)

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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC057/SE005-ltd
Edition of 500 copies. Originally released by eMpTy Records (MT-310) 1994. Re Mastering for Green Cookie records 2018. Produced by Satan’s Pilgrims. Recorded at Alan Sound, Portland, OR. by Gary Schroeder. Dave Pilgrim plays the vox jaguar organ on “Peter Lorre”. Backing vocals on “¿Que Honda?” by the Brothers E. & The Bourbonaires. Gobbling on “Turkey Trot” by The Sour Mash Boys. Percussion on “John’s Moods” by The Portland Men’s Drum & Poetry Circle. Design by Clog. All photographs by Lars Topelmann. Grim-lib by A. Faust. Thank you to Lynsey, Matt Burns, and Kaie Wellman. Remastering by Gus Elg at Sky Onion. Recreation of cover art by Aaron Mahony.


1. Satan’s Theme (2:34)
2. ¿Que Honda? (2:49)
3. Petty-43 (2:13)
4. Movin’ (2:04)
5. Turkey Trot (2:25)
6. Mr. Moto (2:13)
7. Sno-Dad (2:42)
8. Surf Lyre (2:24)
9. Music To Watch Girls By (3:03)
10. ¡El Rey! (2:15)
11. John’s Moods (2:34)
12. Burnin’ Rubber (2:16)
13. Peter Lorre (3:01)
14. Squad Car (3:06)
15. The Lonely Pilgrim (2:48)

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