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Scarecrow Dreaming - Fish - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: FL 001
Recorded and mixed at M.S. Music, Rethymno, Greece. The tracklist above is the correct one (shown on labels). On back cover, side A is listed as A2, A3, A4, A1, A5, A6.


A1. My God Is Dead (2:43)
A2. Marian (4:34)
A3. Hitchin’ (2:38)
A4. Patrick’s Head (2:57)
A5. Od (2:43)
A6. No More Mr. Big Man (2:52)
B1. Mary’s Porch (3:58)
B2. Love Like Termites (4:19)
B3. Coyote (2:36)
B4. Where The Ships Come In (4:38)
B5. Big Goddam Cadillac Car (3:39)

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