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Sir Bald Diddley And His Wig Outs – Pie-Go-Mania! – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: PIELP001
Recorded straight onto one-track at Toe Rag Studios, London, December 2 1995. “A Baker’s Dozen of Tasty Pastry Slices” Photos: Photographers Workshop (Oxford) “Latin Lu Pie Lu” originally entitled as “Little Latin Lupe Lu” and performed by [a254127]. “Jack The Baker” originally entitled as “Jack The Ripper” and performed by [a346823]. Dedicated to the Benson Pie Boys.


A1. Ginsters A Go Go!
A2. Make With The Bake
A3. Pie Eyed
A4. Pies Of The Demon Barber
A5. Benson Two Pie
A6. Latin Lu Pie Lu
A7. Cold Pie Stomp
B1. Pie-Go-Mania!
B2. Bird Pie
B3. Jack The Baker
B4. Piebald Run
B5. Pie-Ella
B6. The Slice

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