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Speedball Jr. - Treble In Paradise - LP/CD


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CD€ 10
Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC028
Barcode: 5-024545-630329

Speedball JR was formed in the summer of 2000 during Ghent’s (surfcity Belgium) famous surf explosion. They originally played more traditional surf rock like Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four and the Ventures. You can hear these influences on their first studio session which was recorded at the end of 2000 at the Yellow Tape studio. Later on they developed a more trashy sound with more garage and sixties influences and started to write their own tunes.

The band gigged with a number of cool surf bands like Jon & The Nightriders, Slacktone, Dick Dale, The Wangs, among others, all the time they were honing their sound and finding their own place among these contemporaries. They also supported Bo Diddley at one of his final shows.

The first full CD “Whiplash,” was recorded in 2003 at Zamans Catfarm studio and was released by Drunkabilly Records. This album is also available on vinyl and includes a video which was shown on the Belgian MTV.

Τheir second album “For the Broad Minded” recorded in 2006 at CCR and released by Green Cookie records, on CD.

In 2011, after some serious band changes they released their 3rd long player “Treble in Paradise”. All sleeve designs are masterpieces of hotrodtrash-art by Mighty Sam the renowned graphic artist.

Speedball JR keeps continuing to gig all over Europe, bringing their intense reverb soaked live-show to festivals and venues near you! So put on your shrunken head necklace, steal your grannies ironing board and surf on down to a venue near YOU!!!


1. Treble In Paradise
2. Swell Hell
3. Swimming With The Sharks
4. Beat Girl
5. Take It Back
6. Pilgrimage
7. Bombora
8. Motion Of The Ocean
9. Mr. White
10. … And The Horse You Rode In On
11. There She Blows
12. Halloween
13. Maiden Surf
14. Cor Steijn Rides The Wild

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