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Terremotor - Terremotor - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SC008
Recorded between october 2016 – Janurary 2017. Drums recorded at Lotus Studio – Umuarama – PR – Brazil. All other instruments recorded in various locations.

Terremotor is a surf rock band from Umuarama, Brazil. It was founded in 2015 by Duda Victor (guitar, tzouras), Paulo Tropa (drums) and Jose Duarte (bass). The day these three met was the beginning of the first surf rock band in Umuarama. Both Paulo Tropa and Jose Duarte are also members of Nega Jurema. Duda Victor has been a founding member of two more surf bands: Bufalos d’Agua (Londrina, Brazil), releasing Ocean (1997), Pacific Hell (2001), Farewell to Shore (2004) and Clássicos da Surf Music (2004). And of Dirty Fuse (Athens, Greece), releasing Lost Riders (2010), Dirty Fuse (2012), Surfbetika (2013), Last Wave (2014) and Back to Brazil (2015).


1. Tormento (2:47)
2. Navalha (1:51)
3. Intacto (2:32)
4. Agente Carburando (2:43)
5. I’m A Junkie (From Night Till Mornin’) (2:08)
6. Surfway (2:16)
7. Piratas Do Lago Aratimbó (2:17)
8. Underwater (1:57)
9. The Wedge (2:33)

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