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The Aqua Barons - Southeast Stompers - CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC052
Barcode: 5024545748925
Comes in two different colors on the front and back artwork (blue or red). All songs written and arranged by P. Sotiropoulos and performed by the Aqua Barons, except “Ζέχρα” written by Michalis Souyoul and “Ίσως” (originally Quizàs, Quizàs, Quizàs) written by Osvaldo Farrès. Rhythm guitar on “Ζέχρα” played by Giorgos Trapalis. Intro guitar theme on “Horror Spa” arranged by Vlassis Ziouvas. Recorded at “Leheo Town Studio”, Corinth, Greece by Vlassis Ziouvas. Mixed and mastered by John Voulgaris. Produced by Aqua Barons 2016. Photos: Sophia Tsakiri. Logo by P. Sotiropoulos. Artwork by N. Panagos. Car: Citroen Traction Avant from 1934 by Efthimiou Motors in Leheo, Corinth.


1. Αναστενάρης (Anastenaris) (2:58)
2. Into The Deep (2:47)
3. Harbour Love (2:45)
4. Ίσως (Eesos) (2:46)
5. Lonely Siren (3:13)
6. Horror Spa (3:04)
7. Salsa Picante (2:16)
8. Ζεχρά (Zehra) (3:27)
9. Abandon Ship! (3:09)
10. Last Sunset (3:24)

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