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The B-Sides (2) – On The Out-side – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: FOD 005
Recorded and Mastered at Feedback Studios, Athens, Autumn 2008. Track B4 originally performed by [url=,%20The%20(2)]The Impacts[/url] Track B7 originally performed by [a=Jerry & The Playmates]


A1. And I Cry
A2. Cryin’ Shame
A3. Don’t Let Your Baby Go
A4. Put Your Lovin’ On Me
A5. Farewell
A6. Get Away Girl
A7. Gotta Go
A8. Walt Till The Summer
B1. Hey, Mister!
B2. Not My Cup Of Tea
B3. Knock On My Door
B4. Don’t You Dare
B5. I’ll Never Gonna Come Back
B6. Moving To The Solstice
B7. Want-A-Love You
B8. Walk Away

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