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The Barbary Coasters - Honey For Sale - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: HLP-107
Track A1 originally performed by [url=,%20The]The Sparkles[/url] Track B1 originally performed by [a=Doornobs]


A1. The Hip (2:12)
A2. Really Gonna Shake (1:47)
A3. Because You’re Gone (2:22)
A4. Francois Truffaut (2:05)
A5. House Of Bamboo (2:25)
A6. You’re A Dirty Fink (2:14)
A7. Honey For Sale (2:25)
B1. Hi-Fi Baby (2:25)
B2. Tears A Go Go (2:46)
B3. T.B.I.M. (Too Bad It’s Monday) (2:19)
B4. Gustav Mahler (2:25)
B5. Ditch Day (2:40)
B6. Comin’ Back To Stay (2:28)
B7. Don’t Stop Now! (2:39)

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